Been reading some junk about D&D, and have recently began work on creating a table to play on using chesspieces. While working on the table... A thought occured to me. "Why not play this with a Yanor module?". So, I threw together a short little thing in Google Docs concerning humanity on Yanor. It needs a lot of work... But it's a start.

Human (Chalcite and Predok)

 Humans: That race that seems to find it’s way into every corner of existence through some means or another. Generalizations are rather difficult to make with them, especially when Chalcites are involved, but here are the basics.


 Chalcites are a rebellious, lithe folk, dedicated to personal freedom at the cost of all else. Most Chalcites sport light skin and rather light hues of hair.

   Reflex +2

   Dexterity +2

   +1 to any ability score.

   Know Common and Old Gaitith.

   If a Chalcite couple is played, each get a +2 to every attack role, given the spouse is within 10ft.

  Base Speed: 35ft.


 Predok are a massive, honorable folk, dedicated to clan and country. Their skin is usually light, and their hair is quite dark.

   Fortitude +2

   Constitution +2

   +1 to any ability score.

   Know Old Gaitith and Common.

   Predok give each Human within 10ft a +1 bonus to all savings throws.

   Base Speed: 30ft.